Módulo 0465 Língua Inglesa - Execução de Adereços.

Módulo 0465 Língua Inglesa - Execução de Adereços.

Curso 34106. Vitrinismo

Duração: 25 horas.

Começou a 21 de Junho última Sessão 05 de Agosto 2010.

Formadores: Dora Esteves.

Formando: Fernando Guimarães.

Esta UFCD tem como finalidade de aplicar vocabulário específico da língua inglesa à execução de adereços.


The aim of this module  is to apply specific vocabulary of the English language for the implementation of props.

Technical terms more, common in decorative arts.

Specific language used compute methods of presentations.

Technical names of materials and techniques cardboards, papers, paper Mache, cloths, plaster wood and metals.

Description of tools and equipment used.

The work done in this module has been:

Making props for a shop window  small project describing materials used in building the shop window , a storefront in cardboard, with application of paper mache, plastic flower, colored feathers  and color stones.

I found this module very important. Thus we are prepared to submit a draft in English and answer all the needs of our foreign customers.

Task: Conception of a shop window using the product. Making props.

Description: Students were given materials to make props for the shop window. the name of the materials was study in class. Carbord, feathers, colourful stones, paper maché, and had to create props for the window according to the product to be exposed.